Our Story

We are Wilder Stallions. We are based in Louisville, Kentucky, and finalists for 2015 Jazz/Avant Garde Band of the Year at the Louisville Music Awards.. This group uses our experience in the jazz tradition to bring a mix of jazz, funk, rock, and pop. We are out to capture a sense of fun and humor, while still making the best music we can!

Our band leader, Will Wilder, studied jazz performance at Bellarmine University, followed by Graduate school at the University of Louisville. After focusing on performance he returned to composition and assembled this wonderful group of musicians. The band uses the instrumental talents of each band member to bring a variety of sounds and styles. The addition of a full time horn section, "Daddy Fat Sax", was the final touch for the full sound of the band..

The Band- Will Wilder-Guitar, Hank Evans-Keyboards, Patrick Denney-Bass, Price McGuffey-Drums, Bob Bertke-Trumpet, Noah Reed-Alto Sax, Luke Miller-Baritone

While you're here, check out our album "Don't Let Your Meatloaf", and pick up a copy of CD or Vinyl!